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Property Management


MBM’s commercial property management division covers all types of real estate. Including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail/Shopping Centers
  • Medical Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings

To the casual observer, management of a property attends to obvious maintenance and rent collections. In reality, our responsibilities go much deeper. Few operations demand more planning, patience, and versatility than the “care and feeding” of a tenant occupied building, so property management is a critical consideration.

“The effectiveness of your property management will dictate, to a large degree, your success as an Owner.”

That is why MBM is adept at public relations, knowledgeable of mechanical and electrical equipment, and profoundly aware of property operations. MBM is also well versed in purchasing; rent collecting, accounting, contract administration and personnel administration. This well-rounded and versatile expertise will provide your tenant with a pleasant working environment.

MBM’s prime responsibility to you is to maximize revenue and minimize expenses.

Collaborative teamwork, knowledge, and skills plus preparation and forecasting have been key ingredient in the success of MBM. Based on our expertise and reference records, we are confident that we can manage your property successfully from both a financial and physical standpoint.

MBM will assume the following Property Management responsibilities:

  • Leasing, tenant relations, rent collection, and disbursement
  • Tenant improvements
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Parking service
  • Mechanical service
  • Others as necessary

MBM will regularly perform site visits of your property to assure that the specifications are being performed to MBM’s quality standards. Results of the visits will become part of the performance review, which will be discussed with you to evaluate or propose any work deemed necessary.


Once you assign MBM the management of your property, we undertake a detailed and comprehensive transition of management responsibilities. MBM dedicates a team of experienced individuals in commercial property management, maintenance, and accounting to guarantee this transition is smooth.
After transition, we will manage the following protocols:


  • Takes immediate control of the property; obtain keys, records and documents.
  • Conducts walk through of property to assure safety and identify deferred maintenance issues.
  • Computerizes the financial data and develops formal record keeping system and reports.
  • Provides tenants with a letter announcing the change in property management and introduces our team members.
  • Meets with tenant representatives and assure them that their concerns will be responded to, in a timely, courteous, and professional manner.
  • Inspects all areas, secures vacant spaces, and evaluates conditions.
  • Prepares vacant space for show, lease, and occupancy condition.
  • Reviews and analyzes all service contracts for landscaping, elevator, security, air conditioning, parking, cleaning, window washing, insurance, and others as necessary and obtain new bids to review competitive pricing.
  • Reviews any pending legal actions by and/or against the property.
  • Reviews preventive maintenance programs for elevator, heating, air conditioning and others as necessary.
  • Reviews all leases and summarize each on a single page format for quick review.

Specifically, MBM is responsible for occupancy

MBM plays an active role in securing tenants, even when a third party leasing agent is being used. Our ability to communicate with tenants and to respond to their needs serves to maximize your return on investments by maintaining a high rate of occupancy.

Phone: 818-991-1000
Fax: 818-991-1001
E-mail: info(at)mbm(dotted)us(dotted)com