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Tenant Relations

Fulfillment of tenant expectations is the core responsibility of MBM. We fully understand that the sum of all services to a tenant equates to the tenants’ perception of just how much value they are receiving for their rental dollar. MBM knows that everything that affects and influences a tenant’s occupancy decision amounts to our area of tenant relations and retention.

“Our primary goal is tenant retention. Tenant retention is the only certain way of maximizing value in any commercial real estate investment.”

A good tenant relation and retention program revolve around a very simple concept . . . communication! Consistent and thorough communication between our team and your tenants, from the start of lease negotiations up until a tenant, relocates into your property, can make the tenant feel that we are willing to answer their questions, attend to their needs and appreciate their tenancy. At MBM, we believe that proper relationship with a tenant can often help alleviate even the most serious of situations.

MBM has established policies to ensure that the property management team schedules regular personal meetings with each tenant representative.

Topics for discussion with tenant

  • Immediate concerns or complaints
  • Tenant’s satisfaction with property management and building services
  • Tenant’s space needs, current, future, and remodeling
  • Satisfaction with maintenance program
  • Tenant’s business/financial status
  • Discussion of lease renewal
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